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Finally got around to getting cross posting working with WP-United. It was not too difficult once I got over the notion of having PHPBB handle the logins for WordPress. All that was needed was to mark the settings in WP-United to have PHPBB handle the logins, then you enable crossposting and comments. Once that is done, there are some permissions changes that need to be made in PHPBB. Usergroups need to have WP_United permissions added to allow cross posting and comments. Also, the forum into which things will be cross posted needs to be set permissions. That’s all there was to it. Very nice and easy.

Once it was working, there were some changes that needed to be made to the text that is generated for the cross posted items. Some of these changes are in the language file. That is found under the languages/en/mods/wp-united.php file (at least in my case where my forum is English) under your PHPBB install directory. The entries I changed were blog_title_prefix and blog_post_intro.

By default, WP-United puts the blog_post_intro first in the post, then some lines, then the post as either excerpt or full story as selected when cross posted. I wanted the link to the post, which is in the blog_post_intro after the story instead. To change this, I edited wp-united/functions-cross-posting.php. I searched for blog_post_intro in that file to find the relevant line to edit. It was a simple string concatenation and was real easy to change. Now the posts appear as I want. is almost ready to launch now. There are a few more stylistic things to change and there is some odd behavior from time to time that I think comes from WP-United. All those things are related to CSS so I am confident I can get them sorted out.

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