Data move complete

All the lingering problems have been corrected and I have successfully brought all the data necessary from Article Manager (Artman) into WordPress. The date problem mentioned before was because Artman stored dates and Unix style timestamps and WordPress uses MySql datetime fields.

One odd point about the data move came from categories. First, I had issues as I was making the transition in improperly links category parents and children and linking categories to stories. The problem was I needed to use the term_id for the parent child relationships and the term_taxonomy_id for the post to category relationships. I had overlooked this initially.

The second odd thing with categories was sub-categories not showing up in the back end when inserted directly into the database. I could insert a top level category with no problem. Child categories wouldn’t show up till I saved a category. Didn’t matter which category and I didn’t need to change anything, but the act of saving a category made the system catch up.

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