A very small bit of styling

I’ve taken some time to make some small updates to the scheme on this site. I this is the same base 2010 theme for WordPress with a few small adjustments. First thing was the addition of the ad at the top of the screen. The ad plugin I use does not support that placement directly. I had to edit the header.php template to add that placement.

Along with that placement, I made some minor tweeks to the page as a whole, making the site title white on black and changing margins to my liking. Perhaps the most interesting thing I did was change the title fonts on the page. I used a Google font for this.

Part of my motivation for this was to try it out. I have not used Google fonts before and wanted to see what it took to implement them and what other consideration might arise. I chose the font called Philosopher. Implementation was very easy, add a link tag to the header and then set the font-family in the CSS as usual. That was different was how the font presented itself. The font seemed to sit higher on the line that a “normal” font would. Since I haven’t played with other fonts, I don’t know if this is a universal issue with Google fonts, or specific to Philosopher. For the main site title, I added special margins to make the font sit on the line the way I wanted it to. Something to consider for certain if you plan on using Google fonts. It may be less of an issue if all your fonts are Google fonts, but when mixing, look for the different baselines.

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