NextGEN Gallery and Simple Facebook Connect aren’t friends

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out why NextGEN Gallery stopped working for us on and I finally have my answer. First I should note the reason it took so long to get to this conclusion. I am not the only one working on the site. There are two other people who are making changes and installing plugins. Because of this, I don’t know when some things are installed. Normally, if something is working, then a plugin is installed and that thing stops working, you blame the new plugin. My problem is, I didn’t know what was a new plugin.

Today I took the proper course of action and deactivated all the plugins and check. Indeed, NextGEN worked when only it was active. Obviously another plugin was causing the problem. In the end, there were two specific plugins that we were using that both cause problems for NextGEN. They were SFC – Like Button and SFC – Share Button. SFC here stands for Simple Facebook Connect. We were only using two other SFC plugins (beside SFC – Base) and they don’t have issues. SCF – Activity Feed Widget and SFC – Publish both work fine with NextGEN. I can’t say for the other SFC plugins, but be aware there are issues.

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