WordPress 3.1 and WP-United

It appears I am not the only one having problems with WP-United after updating to WordPress 3.1. There is a forum discussion on this issues and the same solution is proposed as I would have attempted. The proposed solution was to change the function definition in WP-United to a different name, as the error indicates a function naming collision. According to the forum, this allows template integration to work but user integration fails. I’m not sure that the comments integration would work in this case, so I don’t think this is a viable option. Time to look at other possibilities.

Here is another blog with the same problem and solution.

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  1. Hi the reason this integration has broken is fairly basic. In wordpress 3.1 “registrations.php” has being depreciated. Somewhere in the wp united coding it disables wordpress’s registrations.php from being called. The error is effectively saying that two functions are being called and this can’t happen in php which is why we are getting this message. The simple fix is to find the registration.php in wpunited coding – where is gets disabled and replace that with the new file that handles all these functions – user.php. This is found in wp-includes/users.php . If you cant find it then open up users.php within wp-includes/ and change the name of all the functions the error says. What wp-united does is disables all these functions and rewrites them in phpbb, so there is no need for these functions within wordpress. I just did this quickly and seems to fix this issue… the wp-united site seems down at the moment so i can’t really post this however i know there is an easier fix I just haven’t looked into the code enough to find where they disable the registration.php….

    1. I did this and although it seemed to work fine (I was able to once again integrate users) it now seems that something is preventing me from logging in to the admin section or any other part of the site. I was able to get in and then it started acting up, kicking back server 500 errors.

      1. i rolled everything back to bring my site back up… I am going to go into the wp-united files tonight in Dreamweaver and just do a ctrl-f for registrations.php and see if I can find where wp-united is disabling it and see if replacing that value with users.php is the simple fix. If anyone beats me to the punch please post your results. Renaming the files as mentioned in the lower part of Nirok’s post only worked for a few minutes and then my site would not load up. Curious to know if Houli’s site is still working after the re-naming; I see you are asking for the 0.9 repository which I linked to btw.

  2. jap, works fine. renamed five functions in users.php from wp_include (the one the site argues about) from function_name to function_name2. done.


  3. I have been searching high and low for a working solution between WP and phpbb, as i understand the development with WPU is abbandoned since at least six months…

    Any chance someone of you guys that had this later versions functioning be able to share files?

  4. So I’m having this exact issue with WP united and wordpress 3.1. It seems like the forum ‘works’ when im not using template integration. By the looks of it there are two things that you need to do:

    First, According to this post in order to get template integration working “The proposed solution was to change the function definition in WP-United to a different name”.

    Unfortunately I’m a rails programmer and not a php programmer and theyre a bit too different for me to know exactly what this means and unfortunately (again) the forum discussion in this article is down and the second blog post is not specific enough for my needs. Can someone be a bit more specific about which functions in which files need to be changed? Is this in a single file or in a number of them? Djsmeltzer, can you perhaps go into a bit more detail about this? There are too many of us programmers working together here for this “Black Magic Wells” character to abandon us like this with our tails between our legs 🙂

    Second, according to a comment by the user Houli in the “WP-United 0.9” blog post on this site the way to get user integration is to change a bunch of function names in user.php (wp-includes/users.php). Has anyone tested this? Does this work? Any help here would be massively appreciated

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