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Not much to say just yet. I have tried the same solution others have mentioned and got the same results. I prefixed all the colliding function names with wpu_ and now the template integration works and the user integration doesn’t. I will continue to look into the problem, but so far all I can do is concur with others’ findings.

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3 thoughts on “WP-United update”

  1. I really, really wish I had done some research before upgrading to WP 3.1 a few days ago.

    It looks like WP-United is DOA. The guy has disappeared. Fortunately, I am not working on a live site, but was hoping to go live next month.

    Wonder if I can convince people to move the forum from PHPBB to BBPress……….

    1. I haven’t given up hope just yet. There are two things I am going to try. First, I’m going to install WP-United 0.9RC3 on a fresh PHPBB install. This rewrite involves moving some of the code to WordPress plugins which might prove easier to fix if it still has the problems.

      If that fails, I will be digging into the 0.85 code and attempting to fix it. If I succeed, I will post the results here.

  2. Here’s another poor soul wishing they had researched a bit before hitting that fancy Update button.

    I’ll be following your progress and meanwhile try to circumvent the problem so that my community can actually access the forums.. if not, I just might scrap WordPress altogether.

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