iCade Jr., The Mini Arcade Cabinet of my Childhood Dreams

At CES, ION has announced a dream come true. I thought the original iCade was the answer to this dream, but the iCade Jr. proves me wrong. As a kid, I saved for months to but a miniature arcade cabinet game. The one I bought was Frogger. At the time, it cost $50. That was quite a lot for me to save. Later, I was able to get a second cabinet from a garage sale for something like $5 or $10. That one was Pac-Man. I enjoyed those things at the time, but of course they fell short of what I wanted in my mind, which was the arcade game as I knew it, but small and in my bedroom with my other toys.

Now, the iCade Jr. is exactly that, and even better being smaller than the original concept. I’ve played with the original iCade and it was a smooth experience, though setting up the games can be tiresome on the Atari app. In that app, you need to tell each game if the iPad is horizontal or vertical separately. Seems like something they should have been able to fix. Anyhow, I can’t wait till this thing comes out. I need this on my desk to distract me from programming!

I originally saw this on MacRumors.com where the above photo comes from their CES coverage.

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