SEO Tweeking in WordPress

I haven’t done very much marketing or SEO on any of my sites. I’ve been too distracted writing code and creating themes in a vacuum and should probably keep up a bit more on my reading. In any case, I was alerted this article on Yoast by a colleague and have gone through the trouble to implement it on one of my sites. One nice thing is the Twentyeleven theme in WordPress takes care of the rel=”author” on the author tags already. The rest is still a manual job.

Since I am using the Twentyeleven theme, I didn’t want to edit the templates. That always gets messy when the theme is updated. In the case of my other site, I created a sub-theme to allow me to make some of the changes easily. I’ve kept my changes contained to the functions.php file thus far.

At the moment, I haven’t made the same changes to this site. I will do that when I get some time. I would also like to create a ground-up custom theme for this site and my other sites, but once again, time is the issue.

Over the next few weeks, I will monitor the stats to see if these changes drive any additional traffic my way. I’ll report findings here if I have any.

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