State of the Compost Pile March 2012

Things have certainly been keeping me on my toes lately. My sites have had two different hacks aimed at them in the past couple of weeks and the sites I’m working on at my job are finally nearing launch. I’ve been doing lots of reading lately and should really document more of what I’ve found here. Blogging is pretty low on my priority list at the moment and it’s unfortunate because I do think I could help some people if time permitted.

I have done no additional investigation into WP_United in months. I will look at it again once things calm down here a bit. I believe I have found the answer to my remaining problem with the Piwigo embed. I had to solve a similar problem with a gallery software called EmAlbum and found the answer there. Just need to port it back to Piwigo. That will be happening within a few weeks.

Been doing more investigation into SEO in general and some specific implementation details. This is another area where I need to share what I find, and hope to after these launches are complete.

As for the hacks I mentioned, one was against Web Host Manager and CPanel. This was easy to undo and my hosting provider was looking into closing the vulnerability. The other hack was a bit more insidious. In that hack, every PHP file on that one site was modified to add some code. That code attempted to insert what appeared to be some bad Javascript. The hack happened to cause issues with some plugins I use so I found it. I don’t know how the editing was accomplished. Files outside of WordPress were edited. I’ll try to show the details at a later point. This ended up being pretty easy to undo with the use of some command line perl code. A search and replace to the rescue!

That’s a quick overview of my recent developments. If you watched the video I posted by Bret Victor, you might also be interested in visiting his site. He has lots of interesting things to see there, plus lots of interesting transitions and such for his content. Worth look at.

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