Learning AngularJS

I’ve been spending some time lately looking into Angular. Angular is a JavaScript application framework. It is designed to take the code you would use to make an interactive web page and to structure more formally. This allows you to make reusable components and it takes care of some of the update coding for you.

When I first started looking at it, I didn’t understand the purpose. It seemed much too complicated for what it did for you. Now I’ve come to a better understanding of its purpose. It allows you to move portions of your application off the server and onto the client. It does so in a way that forces your code to be more thoughtfully structured. Now that I understand it better, I intend to use it.

Angular 2 was recently released into the world. This has complicated my learning a bit, but I feel I have a better understanding now of how to go about learning Angular. I would suggest learning Angular 1 first, at least for the time being. It is simpler to get going and will allow you to understand Angular’s concepts better. Once you have a handle on Angular 1, then look at Angular 2. For Angular 1 developers, I think Angular 2 will not be too hard a transition. For now I think Angular 2 is too steep a learning curve for people new to Angular all together.

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