WP-United and Google sitemaps

This morning I discovered a problem with the Google sitemaps on my site. They were no longer being generated correctly. I’m not sure if that problem existed before I made a change to WP-United or not.

We wanted to have the URL to the site be simply http://www.model160.com and not the default of http://www.model160.com/forums/blog.php. That change was easy enough. All you need to do is copy /forums/blog.php to /index.php, edit the new index.php to add the location of your PHPBB directory, /forums in our case, and then change a setting in the WP-United panel. Once that was done, the site looked the same, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

The problem is, the setting for your home page in WP-United includes the file name, so it looks like http://www.model160.com/index.php in our case. I use a plugin for Google sitemaps called Google XML Sitemaps with qTranslate Support. The problem was it was grabbing the site URL from WP-United and so was attempting to generate the file as http://www.model160.com/index.php/sitemap.xml. Since index.php is not a directory, it didn’t work. All I needed to do was set the path manually to sitemap.xml and the url to http://www.model160.com/sitemap.xml and all was better.