WordPress and PHPBB integration

For a site I’m working on, I need to integrate PHPBB into WordPress. There are a few solutions for this out there but WP-United seems to be the one that is cited most. As such, it’s the first I’ll work on.

I attempted this integration last week with no success, but I must admit that I tried to rush it and should have taken a different tact. I got the PHPBB side uploaded and manually edited the files according to the install XML file. After getting all the files edited, I tried running the setup wizard and got lots of error messages. Most of the messages were about duplicate function definitions and a couple of duplicate class definitions. To fix these, I added if (function_exists("FUNCTION NAME HERE")) { blocks around the offending functions and if (class_exists("CLASS NAME HERE")) { around the classes. It was quite repetitive and annoying. So much so, I looked into creating macros for my favored editor jEdit. The macro worked well and saved tons of time, but the solution was a poor one for the real problem.

Once that was all done and the errors stopped showing, I tried the setup wizard again. The main way wp-united likes to work is to display WordPress within PHPBB. I wanted to go the other way as the site already had a lot of work done to change the appearance. I aborted the wizard and just filled in the settings on the settings page. In the end, something was not done correctly and the site and no longer functioned.

I think one of my critical mistakes was I did not disable my WordPress plug-ins before installing. Before editing the files the first time I had made a tar backup of the site, so I was able to get things working again pretty easily. I intend to try again, this time using AutoMod on PHPBB and disabling plug-ins before installing. As I write this, WP-United.com is not responding, so I am unable to try again for the moment. As soon as it is available again, I will retry the install.

I should note that I am using WordPress 3 on this site and WP-United is not yet updated for WordPress 3. There are some instructions for allowing it to run, but I expect some problems.